2 photographer weddingsSuch a hard question. Again it depends on you. You are going to find both and each will have their reasons why what they do is best. Also if you see someone you really like ask if they have a second shooter. any of the top wedding photographers only advertising themselves and will bring a second photographer if needed. So I wanted to highlight pros and cons to both.






One Shooter Wedding Photographer Packages

Pro: This is a more laid back approach. You will not have a room full of photographers running around getting in each others way or interfering with the guests also enjoying your day.

Con: With only one person you may not get as many photos of the guys getting ready.

Tip: If you have only one photographer schedule your getting ready to be at the same location. Many times a hotel is great.

Pro: A single photographer usually takes a more styled story approach. Looking to get elements that tell the story of the day. He or she will know what they photographed and what elements they still need.


Two photographer weddings

Pro: Complete coverage is better. If you know the guys and the girls are doing a bunch of getting ready stuff then you will have it covered.

Con: What is the ability of the second photographer? There are some teams that both a qualified photographers on their own. The flip side is there are some that just grab a warm body to hold a camera.

Pro: Multiple camera angles during the ceremony. If you are in a huge church with a balcony it is great to capture the overhead shot as a bride walks down the isle.

Con: During the reception and ceremony there will be photographers everywhere you look. So you need to be ok with having a camera really in your face all day.



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