Finding a photographer in Columbus Ohio can be challenging. Its not really not finding one it is deciding on which one. After looking at all the choices there are some areas that really stand out to me that can help narrow your search down

  1. Experience
  2. Albums
  3. Coverage
  4. Style

How to tell photographers apart?

First thing to consider is the fact that you may only see a couple images from a wedding day.

Is that a good thing? Shouldn’t a photographer be able to take great photos all day?

So try to see if you can see a complete wedding or even a blog post about one specific wedding. Look for consistency through out the day. When looking at style find a weeding that you like the style of and see how the photographer incorporated the photographic look into all the photos. Next is another style note but not the style you are thinking. Look at the style of lighting. Try to find samples of lighting the same as what you have picked out for your venues. Do you have a dark church. Find images from a dark church. Whats your reception lighting like? Dark receptions or romantic lighting is pretty common. It is also the one area photographers struggle with and have become great at not showing these images online. Why? Because the suns natural light is gone and a flash has to be used. Additional lighting is an art form all its own. It is one that has to be developed just as much as natural lighting skills.

Looks for options of albums. Have you though of an album? You should! Photography is meant to be seen. While putting online for your friends is great. What about you? You need to have prints and albums as something you see and cherish everyday. There is nothing better than seeing an image from your wedding day everything you come home. It will remind you how special that day was to you. So look for photographers that have great albums that can customize the design and the look to your style.

So start to take these points and narrow down your list a little. Look for the best Columbus Photographers to capture your special day.

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