Ask Friends who Photographed their wedding

Referral is one of the strongest ways to find someone. Also ask if they had an issue. Maybe this is someone to avoid. Be sure to ask them price and what package they did. Both will change with each company but this will help get your parameters inline. Take these names and start your list.

Venture into the wedding websites.

There are several websites out there like and Chances are there might be different in every city. Go ahead and open an account and look around. You can see a few samples and get some price ranges. Keep in mind this is a paid service for a vendor. Not everyone might be listed. Add to your list

Tip: These sites only show a handful of images. Just because you shoot a few great images does not mean you can shoot a day full of them.

Google your search

Yes just google it. This might give you a look at a photographer that you have not heard of. Also google will try to find someone close to where you are searching from if this is important to you.

Read the reviews

Handling reviews is a bit tricky. To take an average. Not everyone will be please with a service. Read through the reviews and see if there is a consistent theme to them. Don’t be surprised with an occasional bad review. There still are competitors that will post bad reviews on other sites. Part of the business.

Now you have a list started now time to look over websites and get a indepth picture of their capabilities. Start your list of pros and cons. I also recommend printing out the front page of the website. Everyone will start to blend together.


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