The challenge of finding a wedding photographer for your big day.

The ring is on your finger and now is planing time. Your search for all the perfect wedding vendors has started and your list building is always on going. Your friends are coming out of the woodwork offering to photograph your wedding.

But how will you decide?

Well you have found the right wedding website to help you out. This will be an on going site developing information and articles dedicated to finding the perfect photographer.  So Sit back and I hope you can find some helpful information on wedding photography.

Best Columbus Wedding Photographer
Image by Curtis Wallis Wedding Photography

 Keys To Finding a Wedding Photographer


So what does a wedding photographer package cost? Great question….it is all over the place. The key is to find what fits your budget. For Columbus Ohio you will have a middle of the road range of $2000-$4000. I promise there are photographers less than that and way more than that too.

Don’t skimp on a photographer

Your photos are a lifetime keepsake. So treat it that way.


This represents a big part of your decision. Style is how a photographers images look. Some of the better wedding photographers will have a distinct look to all their images. There as so many styles out there so find one that you like. Don’t ask a photographer to shoot like “so and so”. Forcing a photographer to shoot a style they don’t usually do is a bad combo.


So what does this mean? You will be spending the day with your photographer. Pick someone you are good spending the day with. Some photographers a pretty low key while others you can’t miss they are in the room. Make sure you are good with either.

Tip: If you are unclear do a pre session with a photographer. Get a feel as to how they work.

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